What we offer

As a full-service social media agency, we look after all of your social media activities. If required, we also take care of all of your e-commerce activities, from developing creative campaigns to professional content production in photo and video format.

Content is key!

With professional photographs and creative videos of your products and services, your company will stand out in the massive content pools of any social media platform. For optimal results and highest possible quality we insist on using up-to-date equipment. This will not only attract attention, but will also seek out potential customers to interact and purchase in the long run.

Image – content is key Image – content is key

Paid Ads

Image – Ad Optimization is the cherry on the cake

One of the most important parts of our services is the elaboration, implementation, and especially, the optimization of advertising campaigns (paid ads). By continuously analyzing and optimizing the ads, we manage to achieve the best possible results. Typical goals for paid ads are: lead generation, website traffic, sales, subscriber growth, etc.

Analysis of target groups

We use A/B testings and run campaigns to analyze and define specific target groups. This gives us the opportunity to deal with requirements or problems directly, leading to increased sales.

Image – Analysis of target groups Image – Analysis of target groups

Community Management

Image – Community Management

Many people use social media to give suggestions, criticism or praise about products and services. This is why we are always in direct contact with potential customers to provide direct feedback and to adapt to their needs.


In addition to running campaigns on social media, we also develop GoogleAdwords campaigns, which are continuously optimized by us. Usage patterns are analyzed to help us make further decisions about the optimization of a landing page, which are put into practice with our partner network.

Image – E-Commerce