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Who we are

A successful cooperation is our top priority. Uniting the expertise about your company with our experience will enable us to dive into the online world and create amazing content that will change your mind about conventional ads. With our specialization in the field of social media marketing we are able to cover all possible areas of services. Our passion for social media started with a fitness blog on YouTube and later grew with travel blogs. We soon recognized that companies can achieve amazing results with the help of social media marketing. The local kebab shop grew to be the most popular shop of the city with our help. With an expert for every field in our team we can reach your goals in the best possible way and increase your profit.

Image – Jan Kroppen

Jan Kroppen Co-Founder and CEO

»In addition to creating content, I am mainly responsible for customer contact, controlling and sales.

If you have any questions about our services, I look forward to welcoming you with a cup of coffee in our office at any time!«

Image – Tom Fleming

Tom Fleming Co-Founder and CEO

»My main tasks are in marketing and design. I also organize our team and manage the operational business. But that doesn't stop me from talking to you about the benefits of our services for your company!«

Image – Max Müller

Max Müller Content Creator

»My main focus lies on the content production. I plan, produce and edit pictures and videos. Specific ideas are discussed in detail to make your content to something nobody has seen before!«

Image – Julian Giesen

Julian Giesen Online Marketing Manager

»My motivation is driven by your success. E-commerce activities of our partners and clients are closely looked after by me. Advertising measures are analyzed to ensure the best results. I will make sure that your e-commerce sales rise to the top!«